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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

why bloggers make me happy

I have about 4 drafted blog entries on the go, all half-done and going nowhere fast. I was all set to try to complete an intelligent, insightful, with just-the-right-amount-laughs post, when I starting procrastinating. And what comes next? Oh you know it. I start browsing other blogs to either gain momentum or avoid avoid avoid. And once I saw this I realised that I was done for the night. I seriously laughed until I cried when I saw that picture and then knew that it was OK to let the attempt to create the perfect post go tonight. So instead of posting one of my own entries, I think instead I will share the love that is Not Well Planned. 'Cause the Mincemeat Vixen just has this shit downpat and I bow to her skills.


  • Awwww, thanks man, I too am struggling with things these days. Sometimes it seems impossible to create anything vaguely entertaining.

    By Blogger The Mincemeat Vixen, at 7:39 a.m.  

  • That is the most hysterical painting ever. It's right up there with one of two dogs in those back leg wheelchair contraptions fighting to the death that we saw at the outdoor art show two years ago and are kicking ourselves we did not purchase.

    By Blogger tomama, at 7:19 p.m.  

  • goodness, i don't know whether to laugh or prepare myself for the nightmares that are bound to follow after seeing that (giggle)

    By Blogger Amy, at 2:55 p.m.  

  • OK so you are all aware that the theatre piece is actually "Harvey" about a sweet man who does have a relationship with a big white rabbit - and the man was originally played by Jimmy Stewart (we couldn't see the rabbit so nobody played him) and the guy was thoroughly screwed over by the establishment ( is that word still used?) and his family who wanted his money and finally committed him, I think.
    Not sure why I retain this stuff, but if you ever get a chance to see the film, it is actually quite funny - old but funny.

    By Anonymous Pat, at 1:16 p.m.  

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