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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Five ways to ruin a Saturday

1. go to your in-laws house for a visit. Usually a 1.5 hour drive.
2. be completely unaware that the Gardiner is closed. This is the road that would bring you to the QEW, which will bring you to your inlaws. Make an insane detour up to the 401 and down again to the QEW on the other side of town.
3. Get stuck in ridiculous traffic on the 401, with a grumpy husband and equally grumpy two year old. Ensure that the air conditioning in the car is broken, as well as the driver's seat window.
4. Almost run out of gas about 30 minutes from your destination. Spend half an hour driving crazily up and down the streets of Hamilton, looking for a gas station.
5. Finally arrive at your in-laws FOUR HOURS after you left home, with now screaming child (and husband) in tow. Remember just as you walk up to the house that these are not your parents, so you have to be on your best behaviour. Also remember that you have to turn around in about 3 hours and drive home again.


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