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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

in which Alice finds a new friend

So it's happened. Alice has her first imaginary friend. She came home today from daycare and told us at the dinner table about "Squishy", who's about the size of green pea. Who's female (of course) and who "only plays with Alice." She also lives at daycare and sings songs about Santa all day long. Sounds like my kind of girl!

Other than Squishy, Alice's (IRL) best friend at daycare is Joshua. Joshua is the bomb to Miss Alice. He is funny and a little crazy and has many MANY times out, as Alice tells it. He has also convinced my two year old that he has "the power" and can use "it" on her. Not sure exactly what the power is, but it does entail Joshua punching the air with his fist and yelling "POWER!" And Alice copying him in awe.

My former Women's Studies self could write a whole Phd on this situation and wonders if I should curb her growing admiration somehow, but the mom in me feels happy that my kiddo is experiencing her first real initiated-by-her friendship. Even if it is with a bad boy who is convinced he has real power.

And plus - she always has Squishy to fall back on. Who wouldn't want a pea sized friend in their corner?


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