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Sunday, October 23, 2005

back in the T-Dot

Back now from my trip to France and very happy to be back to my cluttered house and silly little girl. I managed to make it through the jet lag and utter comtempt of some parts of the television industry and somehow had a good time. Business was great for us, and I could actually feel our company growing in leaps and bounds. I am co-owner of the company, so am obviously happy to see it succeed.

I arrived home to the rain all weekend and am feeling a bit of the old "Sunday night back to school feeling" tonight, even though I haven't been in a classroom in years. You remember those Sunday nights? When everything felt greyish and it seemed like you could feel those precious weekend moments slipping away? We have spent a large majority of this weekend being cozy inside, catching up with my sister and watching movies (note to self: Finding Nemo is much too scary for a two year old's imagination!) The highlight was when I got to share a fabulous nap with Alice yesterday afternoon. She doesn't nap so well with me anymore, and I miss those times of drifting off together. So yesterday was special - especially when she wrapped her little arm around my neck and whispered "hi mommy" before falling asleep. Sigh. Can I just save that moment and forget the ones where she tells me to go away or throws her doll at my head? Can I please?


  • I love reading your entries so much! Hope your Monday wasn't as bad as the Sunday-night anticipation. :)

    By Blogger Jackie, at 11:59 p.m.  

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