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Monday, January 09, 2006

#1: A Million Little Pieces

I am glad I started out my 50 book challenge with James Frey's A MILLION LITTLE PIECES. It was a quick read but entirely satisfying - and by satisfying I mean utterly addictive. It was addictive like staying-up-in-the-wee-hours addictive so I could finish it. I now understand (from my google friend) that this book has met with similar responses all over.

Not necessarily the best writing at times, but such clarity at others. In case you were like me and living under a cultural rock in the past few months (I had never heard of this book prior to opening the gift at xmas), this is Frey's account of his 6 week stay at rehab in the early 90s. And his journey to a decision to "kick the habits" without the use of AA or the support of the belief in a higher power.

Not sure if Frey would like this comparison, but this book got me like GO ASK ALICE did in the 80s. Simple prose, but not a simple story - much more than a memoir. This book reminded me of why I love to read, and that fact alone is why I am happy it is at the top of this challenge.


  • LOL! I just wrote a post last night on the same subject -- without reading this! We are the same person. I haven't posted yet, because I was debating if I should read all the Smoking Gun crap saying Frey was a fraud.

    Anyway, I have lowballed myself at 20 books for the year. Let's see if we make it.

    By Anonymous scarbiedoll, at 1:51 p.m.  

  • Oh - and I also read Go Ask Alice twice when I was a kid - once as a tween and then again as a teen. That book freaked me right out.

    By Blogger scarbie doll, at 1:54 p.m.  

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