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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Alice's new word

Alice's vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds these days. She loves to try out new words on us - especially if they sound "grown-up":

me: can you please sit down while eating your dinner, Alice? (insert: image of me making an exasperated face)

Alice: (ignores me)

me: Aliiiiiiceeee

Alice: Oh, ok, mommy

me: thanks

Alice: sitting down on our bums when we eat is appropriate, wight mommy?

me: uhhh....yes

Alice: (smiles with satisfaction that she has got a new word right)

me: where did you learn that word? "appropriate?" Is it something they say to you at daycare ('cause people, she sure ain't learning anything "appropriate" at home) Do you know what it means?

Alice: Well, mommy, things are just appropriate or they aren't. That's the way it is, mommy. So you hafta say "appropriate" when you want someone to do something. Ok Mommy? You understand now?



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