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Sunday, February 05, 2006

#8 Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life

Now this is more like it.

When I first saw Amy Krouse's Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
on the top of my library hold package, I was so very happy. Compulsively addictive (can I say that?), this books is made up of...well..encyclopedic references to Amy Krouse's life. So each entry is alphabetical, and contains something - whether it be mundane or of great importance - about Krouse.

Gawd I love lists.

This was one of those books that was a great "in between" read. You know those books that you want to leave on your nightstand and pick up in between other books? These in-between reads can also function like magazines - good for the bath or the small moment you might get while your toddler is actually busy for a change. Unless you decide you just want to stare at the wall and cry during those moments. 'Cause that's OK too.



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