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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Queen of Fire

My parents graciously agreed to look after Alice on Saturday night, and Matt and I got the hell out of Dodge. We had been planning a night away for awhile now, and we really needed the break. Those of you who knew us when will know that road trips and unknown destinations are Matt and my specialties. It's also how we first fell for each other (awwwwww) - over a long summer road trip from BC to Ontario, via the US. But that's a story for another day.

We got a cottage for the night in this place and had such a great time we forgot we were parents. Seriously - giggling like teenagers over the strange folks who hosted us and listening to local FM radio as we drove north did wonders for our marriage. We're not really extravagant people, Matt and I, and a crappy old Honda with no antenna nor a working driver's seat window can actually provide hours of entertainment for us.

The resort was pretty much closed as it was off-season, so we had the place to ourselves. It looks kind of ominous here, but it was entirely remote and just what we needed:

The cottage itself was small but perfect. And contained enough ugly but beautiful trimmings. What is it about tacky furniture that makes the whole cottage experience so much better? Seriously, are those lamp/night table combo thingys strictly produced for lazy summers at the lake?

We spent a good part of our evening having a fire contest, seeing who could build the best fire. Matt was convinced that he was naturally the better fire builder, as he is the carpenter in the family and the all-around handyman. But he forgets that given a challenge, the Type A in me will rise to the occasion. I am actually quite good at building a fire, and am one of those annoying people who continually fiddle with the fire until they are convinced it gives the best flame.

So I won the contest. Behold my fire!

Even though Matt hated to concede, in the end he had to admit that my fire won the contest. And that, my friends, is true love, 'cause the dude is all about his skills and abilities when it comes to fires, renovation, and basic household repairs. And usually he is the one who naturally excels at that kind of stuff, while I happily stand in the background.

We spent the time there reading, resting, catching up, and eating copious amounts of local cheese. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing time.


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